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Labelling of

The correct marking of storage areas in a warehouse contributes to the safety of employees. It also helps to optimise the use of storage space and increases the efficiency of movement, thus increasing the effectiveness of the work itself. Our company offers various forms and distribution of warehouse signage:

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In order to move quickly and efficiently between the racks in a warehouse, effective marking of racking aisles, rack numbering or traffic routes are needed.

How to label shelf rows well?

Practice shows that if there are more than 5 rows of shelving units, it is advisable to label them with the correct alphanumeric signs. The most common method is to mark the sides of the racking with PVC signs stating the aisle number or the rack number, which allows quick orientation, especially in the case of large storage areas. Another way of marking warehouse aisles can be lightweight signs made of materials such as ducted PP, which can be lowered on chains.

What printing technologies do we use?

Warehouse boards are made in any size and colour, where the technology of direct printing with UV paints is applied, which ensures unlimited durability and quality of the print, also in outdoor conditions.