totes and crates marking

Nowadays, a common problem Customers face is permanent marking of totes and transport crates. Exposed to hits, scratching and frequent washing, such crates demand very resistant and durable marking.

The solution are  self-adhesive labels with a proper adhesive matched to a specific type of material a container is made of. Plastic is one of the most difficult surfaces for the adhesive, that is why we approach each enquiry individually, conducting adhesion tests and, if neccesary, scratching test. In case of difficult environment, exposing the label to print abrasion, additional transparent laminate can be added, in order to provide full protection from mechanical damage and aggressive chemicals. 

The label can be made in any size or colour, printed with variable data, barcodes, 2D codes, or as blank wounded on the roll, to be printed by the Customer on any thermal transfer printer.

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