Racks and shelves marking

Warehouse marking, precisely marking racks and shelves seems the easiest way to mark location addresses. For the sake of proper read, it should be noted that barcodes cannot be placed close to each other on one beam. In case of high storage racks, where a significant number of codes appears, it is often impossible.

We present solutions that provide safe and ergonomic read of location labels.

Labels with diagonal barcodes eliminate the risk of wrong read, they allow for natural position of hand with scanner/terminal, and they indicate which floor the given address refers to in a clear and aesthetic way. Such labels are most commonly made as stickers, but there is also a possibility to make a magnetic foundation, which is easy and fast to install, but not attached to the rack bar for good.

Sometimes, for different reasons, the use of labels on rack beam is impossible. In such case we suggest use of collective tables, attached to rack leg. Use of colours and appropriate visualisations also helps with clear reception and fast work in the warehouse.

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