Intermediate storage area marking

Marking of a warehouse where pallets are stacked in a block, in piles and rows (without racks) is usually more troublesome than classical rack marking.

You can consider the use of special, laminated floor labels which will be used to mark location addresses, but it should be noted that intense forklift traffic will quickly damage such labels, exposing the company to unnecessary stoppages and costs. Self-adhesive labels, even though they are fast and easy to montage, can cause problems in the future. Such labels can be used only when pedestrian and vehicle traffic is light, for example if small hand pallet truck.

The best solution for marking intermediate storage area for free standing pallets is use of suspended labels that enable reading from 12 metres. Kind of suspension and reading distance is selected specifically for a given warehouse, taking into account its workflow specific, Customer’s hardware, IT or coding system. Special material allows to use boards and labels in unfavourable conditions, such as deep freezing warehouse or outdoor squares. Once the labels are mounted outside forklift operation range, they will work for many years.

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