Anti-stick labels

We present an innovative solution for marking any type of boxes, totes, transport containers and crates used in automotive industry – anti stick labels.

No more stubborn adhesive stains, no more label remnants

We have designed an anti-stick label with a special layer to which you can stick any Kanban labels, Odette, Galia or logistics labels. After the logistics cycle is completed and the label is peeled off, the surface of the container remains clean. A special layer prevents the adhesive from sticking, and it does not adhere over time. Shipping label can be easily peeled off even after many months.

What’s more, the adhesive used in the anti-stick label allows for a very strong adhesion to boxes made of PP, ABS and other plastics. In addition, the label is resistant to washing and abrasion.


We can also prepare:

• any print, text, client's logo,

• any background colour of the label,

• any size of the label.


Anti-stick labels are a revolutionary solution to keep returnable packaging and transport boxes clean.

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